"I started having trouble with my voice going completely out, whenever I got excited. Most of the time, I was hoarse whenever I did a lot of talking or singing. After having voice therapy, I learned not to overwork my voice so that I can enjoy a longer-lasting, more resonant sounding voice without the hoarseness. I would like to thank Dr. Bonnie Smith for teaching me how to accomplish this."

 ~ A 58 year old male client and systems communication technician.
"Being a patient of Dr. Smith's, I would like to say that my experience with her was truly, truly great. She was such a great help to me, in helping me to clear my voice and speak clearly. I enjoyed every session. She was compassionate and kind and timely with me. I learned to have my voice come from the head and not the throat. It has really increased my speaking level. I have really enjoyed every session with her. She is an excellent voice therapist."

 ~ A 54 year old female client, retired.